An Introduction to MATADOC (Music Therapy Assessment Tool for Awareness in Disorders of Consciousness); a music-based measure to contribute to interdisciplinary assess of awareness in PDOC (People with Disorders of Consciousness)

June 21, 2018 5:30 PM – 7:00 PM –

This event is brought to you by the Center of Performing Arts Medicine at Houston Methodist.

Presenter: Virginia Gray, MT-BC
The MATADOC is the first standardized assessment tool to use music for actualizing awareness in people with disorders of consciousness. This lecture will overview the clinical features of People with Prolonged Disorders of Consciousness (PDOC), similarities in current standardized assessments used to diagnose PDOC, the role of the auditory modality and music in diagnosis and intervention, the development, definition, and purpose of the MATADOC, how the MATADOC was validated and standardized, how the MATADOC’s three subscales are used for diagnoses and to gather clinical information to inform goal setting and clinical care. As well as a look to the future use of MATADOC in pediatrics. A bibliography of related research articles and books will be provided.

This event is free to the public. However, pre-registration is highly recommended.